The Magee House

The property located at the point of West Morris Street and Cameron Street was purchased by John Magee in 1828. Mr. Magee cleared the property and built the large, three story brick house with spacious lawns and gardens surrounding it. The house features an entryway lined with stately columns, leaded glass interior windows, and four marble fireplaces on the main floor. The north side of the main floor originally was used as a ballroom and had a removable wall to divide the large space into two rooms when not in use. The kitchen and servants’ quarters were located on the lower level. The dumb waiter in use during these years is still visible today. The building was used as a private residence until 1893 when it became the home of the Davenport Library. in February of 1999, it became the official home of the Steuben County Historical Society, housing the Steuben County Historian, the Elm Cottage Museum, and the archives and learning center, the Magill Room of local history, The Hanks Room and The Chelsea & Liliane Kelly Children’s Museum and Library.

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The Steuben County Historian: The County Historian is responsible for collecting and preserving materials pertaining to the county’s history. Research assistant is available during all office hours (please call 607-776-2199 to confirm current hours). There is no charge for the services of this office. A charge is made for copies, however.

Archives: The archives of the Steuben County Historical Society offer research material with an emphasis on Steuben County and the surrounding areas as well as genealogical records.
Holdings include: Church and cemetery records, Newspapers and publications, Census and probate records, Genealogical records, County historical atlases, Military history

Elm Cottage: Established in 1959 by Bath Historic Commission, located in the building that had been used over the years as a guest house for the Davenport Home for Orphan Girls. Later occupied by the Katherine Sharpe Davenport, last of the family to live in Bath, for the last ten years of her life- until 1947. After the Orphan home was torn down, Elm Cottage was given to the Davenport Library and used for apartments upstairs and the local museum on the lower floor. Because of upkeep cost, the house was sold and the museum was moved to the farm managers home on the county farm. In 1999 when the Magee House was acquired by the Steuben County Historical Society an arrangement was made with Bath Village to move it to the Magee House. Elm Cottage collection is located on the lower floor of the Magee House. It is a unique collection of memorabilia from the village of Bath and surrounding area.

The Chelsea Liliane Kelly Children’s Museum & Library: Located on the lower level a cozy room has been created for young people, complete with fireplace, rocking chair and braided rug. This room is home to our fledgling collection of the children’s books and toys. This project has been made possible through the generosity of Henry and Alice Dormann.

The Steuben County Historical Society Education Committee works with area educators to design projects and learning experiences for our younger visitors. Interested persons please call the Magee House 607-776-9930 or email