The Team That Makes It Happen

Running and managing a successful organization takes a great amount of work and effort from a variety of people.  It also takes a special group to coordinate, plan, and guide the Steuben Historical Society. We also have many volunteers beyond committee chairs and board members that have dedicated many, many hours keeping the Magee House and the School House running.

SCHS Officers
President –
Helen K. Brink
Vice-President –  Harry Reynolds
 Secretary – Nedra McElroy
Treasurer – Sarah Blaisdell

Board of Trustees
Ron Annis
Dorothy Cornell
Richard Cornell
Sheri Golder
Martha Treichler
Barbara Watson 


 Committee Chairpersons

  Finance - Sarah Blaisdell
Building & Grounds – Dick Cornell
Collections – Ron Wyatt
Education – Nedra McElroy
Emergency Disaster & Recovery - Ron Wyatt
Library – Helen Brink
Membership – Nedra McElroy
Newsletter – Helen Brink
Nominating - TBA
One Room Schools – Ron Annis (Books)
District 11 Schoolhouse at Fairgrounds - Nedra McElroy
Program – Kirk House
Public Information – Kirk House
Traveling Exhibits – Dorothy Cornell

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